Friday, June 26, 2009

My Town Shoot Out - Colors of the Rainbow

This week's theme for the My Town Shoot Out was chosen by Debby, from Germany, at The Pink Birdhouse. If you're interested in joining our rapidly growing group, just follow the links. Everyone is welcome!

All photos are clickable to enlarge. ♥

At first, all I could find of significant color here in Roseville, MI were flowers. Now we have pretty flowers, but I didn't want this to be a floral shoot. I'm sure that will come in time. But I did get a couple good flower shots to share.

Then I started looking around more as the week went on. I found these flags out by Lake St. Clair at a marina on a cool and windy day.

Then I found what most Michiganders (yes, that's what they call us) think of when we are asked about the color orange: construction barrels.

Then I remembered this beautiful artist gallery not far from my house. It's simply called "LOVE". The artist was out front and told me that he was sorry for the condition of the paintings and he would be touching them up in the next few weeks. I love them just the way they are. These are of the side and the back of the building.

While there, I noticed a Doc Marten's boot store with a colorful display. One is signed by...someone who wears colorful boots I would assume.

Finally, we have my most fun picture of the week. I stopped in to return some videos and this is what I found waiting for me.

Well, those are the most colorful parts of my little suburb. Thanks for visiting again! Last week's Shoot Out is on my other blog's the link.


Denise said...

great color and variety.

gigi said...

Thanks for your visit. I didn't have such a great week down here in GA. so hopefully I'll do better next week. Glad you joined "Our Gang" we've got the nicest memebers ever! Your pictures are just great!

Vitamin B-Lardo said...

digging on the boots!! thank you for checking out my blog!!!

Zaroga said...

Great photos, Ellisa.

GingerV said...

very nice indeed - I liked the orange barrel the most, a lot of character and definitly a story to tell.

Doreen said...

from a fellow "Michigander".......fantastic post!! I can certainly relate to the orange barrels. they are everywhere and the little orange cones. Here in Grand Rapids I don't think you can go 4 blocks without some sort of construction going on. the last pic is so colorful and so vivid.