Thursday, July 16, 2009

hocking hills, oh: part 3

This is the final in the pictures of our vacation pictures.

While on vacation, my husband and I had an afternoon to ourselves where we decided to go into Nelsonville and venture around. We took some pictures at the old Nelsonville Brick Park first. This is where the Nelsonville Bricks were fired. Many of them were used in the city buildings and churches as well as the streets in the area.

These final pictures are of a hummingbird moth that Matt and I happened to just approach and be curious about while we were out exploring the fire tower area in Nelsonville. I apologize for the quality of these pictures, but I had to take them fast as this little bug moves faster than most hummingbirds I've seen. He's about 3-4 inches long and is cute in a weird bug way. His wings move so quickly I wasn't even sure I was going to capture them. He came and left in a period of about 3 minutes. These are the best of what I got.