Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last week, I put my camera "away" when I cleaned my house thoroughly. I never really had an "away" spot for it. So I found a good home for it, in it's bag, nice and safe. It's nice that it finally has a home.

Problem; I don't see it anymore. It's "away". I haven't taken pictures in more than 5 days now. It's weird. I'm disappointed in myself and I'm sure my camera feels lonely. (I should really name her.)

Guess I'm going to have to bust her out and start using her. Hopefully tomorrow!!

Any name suggestions for my Nikon D70? She's black, a little chunky, beautiful eye(s), amazing sense of humor and can be a bit stubborn at times.


Matt and Bethany said...

I think Nikki sounds like a great name for a Nikon camera!

Anonymous said...

Ok I say it's time to step away from the camera when you want to name it LOL. Love Mom K

Gordon said...

I mthink you have a male camera, else, why would it be goofing off? I vote for "Groucho".